Mercedes, Audi & BMW?

As the name of my blog suggests I’m a big believer in the possibilities of bikes. But on rare occasions I also use a car to get around. What always occurs to me is the aggressive driving style of many and the frequency on which traffic rules are broken.

I don’t really care whether the maximum speed for example on highways is 90, 110 or 120 km/h (to be honest: I believe that in Belgium lower is often better). What I do care about is that once a decision is made, we stick to it and and amerce those who don’t.

Once on the road it seems another rule is implied: premium German diesel powered cars are allowed to neglect all civilisation and in particular the speeding rules. When driving at the maximum allowed speed 8 out of 10 cars passing me at significant higher speeds are a Mercedes, a Audi or a BMW. What is it with these brands? Is a part of their purchase amount an advance payment to the government for their future speed offences? Or is it sheer arrogance with an unnecessary fuel consumption and an increased risk for accidents as a side effect?

I see a good opportunity to thicken the public treasury! To quote from a Korn song: ‘Just fucking do it damn it!’.



Chol1 is a Ñuñoa (Chili) based studio that combines furniture and indoor bike parking in their designs. An original and yet practical solution when you live in small spaces… Due to the smart design and the assemble it yourself mentality all furniture can be shipped worldwide in very flat boxes.

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