Projet Poisson Pilote

The Frenchman Antoine Delafargue and his childhood friend Michael de Lagarde are currently undertaking a peddle powered crossing from Plymouth to Saint-Malo in a self build submarine. The average speed on this 250 km trip will be around 4 km/h. Another exemple that a lot is possible when using just peddle strokes.. One quote from their website: “If we can move 3 tons into hardly ever explored places with only a quarter of a horse power, do we really need a 80 hp car to do some shopping 2 miles from home?”


Bikes on the political stage

As a blogger on bike issues I often wonder how to get biking on the political stage. Well these two cyclists just did that by accident. Ministers Maggie De Block (Social Affairs and Health) and Alexander De Croo (Pensions) experienced first hand how dangerous it can be on two wheels… I hope they got the point! PS: This happened not the same Friday morning!

Schermafbeelding 2016-05-27 om 14.19.41