The car is still the king (and expensive)

An article in Knack caused me some frowning. Some quotes…

‘The general impression is that problems caused by personal mobility -e.g. pollution and traffic jams- will be solved by governments or car brands, not by change in our individual habits.’

‘Measurements to discourage car possession and car use or discussions to make car use a lot more expansive are welcomed negatively.’

‘The consumer aspects that the advantages of cars (ease of use, flexibility and reliability) will be respected and that the government engages an efficient and pragmatic mobility policy.’

Ok, I might be a stupid biker, but to start with: it is each individual who has a choice and I see a lot of alternatives for car use in most of the cases around me. Just get honest with yourself instead of passing the hot potato to someone else…




Slim your bike

I’m convinced that the future of housing is compact and city-based. It’s not always so easy to combine this idea with my other conviction that the future of transport is peddle based.

Small inventions like the Flipcrown can made things possible… The Flipcrown slims a standard bike to a width of just 10cm! This makes it easy to stall in tight spaces of even hang it on walls…



I’ve been looking at the Tesla videos during the last couple of days. I must admit I’m impressed by the design, the technology (the battery swap!), the safety and the modern day i-approach of a car. But I also think: okay it’s probably the best electric car in the world, but it’s still a car. It still has 4 wheels and takes some square meters to get it stalled, it will most of the time transport 1 or 2 people, it will also cause traffic jams or accidents, it still uses (hopefully green) energy and will keep users attached to their old, non self-sufficient, unhealthy way of transport.

Step I: Do what we can

There’s often criticism, e.g. the column of Jean-Marie De Decker in Knack,  concerning the environmental effect of eating meat and burning oil derivatives. Despite all the scientific proof, in my opinion we must do what we can easily do as individuals.

We’re really not gonna die eating meat only once a week. Instead, make that ones a week event a thru feast by eating the best meat available instead of the cheap, mass produced clutter you otherwise would eat all week long.

The same with the transport modes. Looking for alternative and eco-friendly transport modes really will not harm you. Instead, you could notice that e.g. on public transport you’ll find time to read or think and by using a bike you burn calories and get a better overall shape.

A small step, right there between everyones ears could make a huge difference…  That is, at least in my head…


Cycle Marketing

This is a particular type of marketing I strongly believe in: show on billboards in a positive vibe what is possible with peddle power. I first saw it in Copenhagen, these posters saying something like: hi my name is X, I’m a X, I’m X years old and and cycle X km to work every day. The other day I saw a similar example in Antwerp saying: ‘From now on I’ll use my bike to get to school. And you?’

Fietsportret Copenhagen IMG_1454